Reply To: Theme is not up to date with Latest Version of Word Press FF

Jeffrey Lubeck

Thank you for the quick response. Note: We have deactivated all all-plugs in except those Associated with Formidable Forms Pro and its extensions (the latest version 4.04.01). At Formidable Forms request we have tested using the WordPress 2017 Theme. We are using the latest available Newspaper Plus Theme available (1.04). We are using WordPress 5.3.2

The only variable that changes is the theme utilized.

The Buttons behave as expected (and configured) in the WordPress 2017 Theme. The do not in Newspaper Plus.

Default: Grey background button Blue Text.
Hover: Grey background button Green Text
On Click: Deep Gray background button Red Text.

In WP 2017 button color changes with each action and background changes on click.
In NP+ button color is white and never changes with any action. Background changes on Click.

Why do you do not allow for the uploading of images (only url). We have images for each behavior – that is an irritating limitation. Please send us an email to setup with work with Dropbox for the images.