Is MyMathGenius reliable? Customer Support Agents and Writers

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    There are no writers at this company. However, mathematicians can take on problems, projects, or tests for students in high school and graduate programs.

    You can reach customer support by phone or leaving a message via the website. Although we did speak to a few agents via phone, they were not easy to understand as they were foreign nationals with poor English. It was the same for our “expert” and communication was difficult.

    Pricing and discounts
    Although there is no set pricing, there is a basic pricing table that customers can use to get an idea of what the prices will be. Prices for MyMathGenius start at $39.95 per problem solution. Pricing is determined by complexity and deadline requirements. The customer must provide all details about the order before a final price can be provided. discount codes are not available for new customers. Referrals are the best way to get a discount. Referring customers to another customer gets them a 15% discount on their next or first order. Referring more than three customers will result in a 33% permanent discount for the customer. A customer who refers more than three customers will receive a MyMathGenius coupon code that can be used when placing an order.

    Additional Features and Freebies
    No freebies were found. There are many features. A library of solution options is available. Students can also search for specific types of problems and their solutions. If a student is struggling with the same problem, this can be very helpful.

    Is mymathgenius legit? It is. Its payment process and policy protect customers confidentiality.

    Students need to understand the explanations of how they solved their problem. Students will struggle to understand the process of solving a problem and be able move on in their coursework. We have given a rating of “Fair”.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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